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Flocco21 –

As a well trained body therapist and Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie (Psychotherapist) I offer infertility counseling and psychodynamic body work in English for women, men and couples experiencing infertility or other difficult themes in their life. If you speak another language and can converse in English, we can also work together.

In workshops and preparatory seminars in the Munich area I work with couples who consider building a family with donor insemination. Individual sessions can be held in English, the seminars are in German. Counseling and body work can also be useful for taking a look at other topics in life, for example work, relationships, health and issues centered around creativity.

Possible questions addressed in infertility counseling:

  • Do we want treatment and if the answer is yes, what kind of treatment do we want?
  • What kind of reproductive treatment do we want (IVF, ICSI, donor insemination)?
  • Do we want to use or add alternative medicine (Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Spiritual Healing etc.)?
  • How far do we go with a treatment, when is a break needed ?
  • What could our life’s path look like without a child?
  • Considering alternatives: adoption, foster children, helping children in other ways, political activity against pollution which harms the human reproductive system

I would be happy to assist you in finding your own personal path for coping with infertility. You can contact me via phone or mail for a personal or a phone consultation. For both an appointment is necessary.

phone: 089-45207632, cell: 0176-45542603,
e-mail: info (at)